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Alberti, Rafael Ricardo rra24 at
Fri Jun 16 19:50:43 CEST 2023

Hi Gpg Developers

On May 15 2023, we installed and were looking at using GPG a server.   We created  the proper Public and Private key and Pass Phrase.   The decryption and encryption was working well for a few weeks until on June 13, 2023 the decryption failed.

Upon review, we received a "No Secret Key" error - nothing changed on the machine.  We also noticed that the Public and Private key were no longer visible in the armor i.e.  Gpg -list-keys    {returned blank}

What would cause the keys to be removed?    We did notice that an install of GPG occurred on the server on June 13.

Can a GPG Auto Update remove the Keys inside the Armor ?    If so, how can we disable GPG Auto Update feature

After much review,  and  "by chance"  we re-imported the Public.key and the TrustDb.Key and the Armor was repopulated with the old Key information and the decryption started to work again

Any advise or information is appreciated

Thank you

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