Management of background services with systemd

Werner Koch wk at
Thu Mar 2 17:53:21 CET 2023

On Wed,  1 Mar 2023 21:24, Michael Richardson said:

> Combined with SSH access to the machine, and the passphrase/pin popup shows
> up in the wrong place.

Talking about ssh: Yes, you need to make sure that gpg-agent has been
launched.  But once that has been done ssh works nicely.

The major problem with ssh is that ssh has no way to pass environment
variables to gpg-agent via the ssh-agent protocol.  gpg-agent needs the
envvars to pop up pinentry on the right tty/display.  I once posted
patches to the ssh list to extend ssh in this way but the interest was
not high and I had no time to starting convincing them to apply these

Actually it would also be possible to tell ssh to autostart gpg-agent,
similar to what gpg does.  This could be done as a generic pre-connect
extension to ssh.



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