Cannot export SSH public key

Ingo Klöcker kloecker at
Mon Nov 20 17:36:29 CET 2023

On Montag, 20. November 2023 09:24:32 CET Felix E. Klee wrote:
>     $ gpg --list-keys --keyid-format SHORT yubikey at
>     pub   rsa4096/1B6ED589 2023-06-29 [SC]
>           7A0FE73DDB744F0F97341DA71BE349D11B6ED589
>     uid         [ultimate] Felix E. Klee (YubiKey) <yubikey at>
>     sub   rsa4096/D2E31736 2023-06-29 [E]
>     sub   rsa4096/FBA5B1E5 2023-11-20 [A]
>     $ gpg --export-ssh-key FBA5B1E5
>     gpg: key "FBA5B1E5" not found: Unusable public key
>     gpg: export as ssh key failed: Unusable public key

$ gpg --export-ssh-key FBA5B1E5!
(note the exclamation mark which indicates a subkey to gpg)
$ gpg --export-ssh-key 1B6ED589
(which makes gpg export the latest valid subkey which has an authentication 

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