No SSH public key authentication using smartcard

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Mon Nov 27 14:43:50 CET 2023

Hello Stephan,

thanks for your reply.

When you say I should modify ~/.ssh/config, where is this file?
On jumphost?

Actually I have a working setup on Windows 10, but here I use another
terminal emulator: MobaXterm.
And in the settings of MobaXterm I enabled SSH forwarding.

As of now I don't want to continue using MobaXterm on Windows 11, but
using Windows Terminal.

Please not that I have not installed git for windows [1] that includes 
tool "Git BASH"; I don't think that this additional terminal is required 
to use SSH.

I can run ssh-add.exe -L in Windows PowerShell and get the correct SSH 
public key fetched from secure card.

But once connected to jumphost, all SSH relevant information is 


On 2023-11-25 12:30, Stephan Verbücheln via Gnupg-users wrote:

> Coincidentally, I have a similar setup. Fortunately, you do *not* need
> Agent Forwarding for authentication via jump hosts.
> The entry for your host (in "~/.ssh/config") for this host should look
> something like this:
> Host myalias
> HostName
> ProxyJump
> IdentityAgent %d/.gnupg/S.gpg-agent.ssh
> There may be some Windows-specific pitfalls. Perhaps you have to be
> careful with the line breaks (Unix versus Windows convention) in the
> configuration files.
> Regards
> Stephan
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