No SSH public key authentication using smartcard

Jacob Bachmeyer jcb62281 at
Wed Nov 29 04:27:16 CET 2023

Thomas wrote:
> Hi,
> this is exactly what I thought.
> However, there's no solution for it.
> Let me repeat my comments posted previously to get an overview what is 
> working...
> Actually I have a working setup on Windows 10, but here I use another 
> terminal emulator: MobaXterm.
> And in the settings of MobaXterm I enabled SSH forwarding.
> As of now I don't want to continue using MobaXterm on Windows 11, but
> using Windows Terminal.
> I can run ssh-add.exe -L in Windows PowerShell and get the correct SSH 
> public key fetched from secure card.

If you are using a Windows port of OpenSSH, try "ssh.exe -o ForwardAgent 
JUMPHOST" and see if that makes your local SSH agent available at the 
jumphost.  As I do not use Windows, I do not know where that Windows 
port would expect to find its configuration file.

-- Jacob

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