Can preferred order of decryption keys be specified?

Martin Jambor mjambor at
Sat Oct 14 12:06:17 CEST 2023


I intend to encrypt stuff for myself using two keys.  One of the keys is
on a Yubikey and (probably because it is the default-key for signing?)
it is always tried first, even though the second one is on-disk and the
agent already knows its pass-phrase.  This means that when decrypting
this stuff on machines that know about both keys but the Yubikey is not
inserted I get an unnecessary message to insert a card with serial
number XY even when it is not necessary.

When using the throw-keyids option, this gets quite a bit worse and the
dialog appears six times before the correct key is tried and succeeds.

Is there a way to specify a preferred decryption key (that is different
from the default signing key)?

Incidentally, does anybody know how to convince emacs EasyPG to pass
--no-throw-keyids to GPG? :-)

Thank you,


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