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Jacob Bachmeyer jcb62281 at
Tue Sep 12 05:29:29 CEST 2023

Werner Koch via Gnupg-users wrote:
> [...]
> On Sat,  9 Sep 2023 22:07, Robert J. Hansen said:
>> and for the vast majority of users isn't worth it.  The easy wins (28%
>> cost savings on RSA encryption!  Whee, almost half a millisecond!) are
> The blinding we use for RSA (to mitigate side-channel attacks) should be
> in the same range as these wins.  I bet that by adding threads to the
> computation you will open another can of side-channel attacks.

So using threads to compute a blinded RSA operation would just about 
recover the computational cost of blinding the calculation?  How would 
hypothetical thread-related side channels matter if we are using 
blinding around the parallel calculation?

-- Jacob

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