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Matěj Cepl mcepl at cepl.eu
Mon Mar 4 14:19:35 CET 2024

On Mon Mar 4, 2024 at 9:13 AM CET, Werner Koch wrote:
> Because all components of gnupg will start gpg-agent and the other
> daemons oin the fly and make sure that only one is started.

Do I understand it correctly that gnupg contains smaller version
of systemd (dependency activation) inside of itself and that
clashes with systemd? Is there some way how to switch it off and
to make individual parts of gnupg behaving just The Unix Way™, do
one thing (cryptographic operations, gpg-agenting or whatever)
and do it well?

> I have no idea what this is about.  In case you need to play interesting
> games with the sockets, the gpgconf.ctl mechanism might be helpful.

MicroOS by openSUSE (and Fedora Atomic and many others,
every Linux distro has its own variant of this, I guess) are
container-oriented systems, where only minimal host system
is used to run multiple isolated containers (Docker/Podman,
distrobox, or Flatpak). SELinux and other methods are used to
keep these containers isolated from the host system and one from
another, sockets are under proper circumstances accessible.

> Using no-autostart in the common.conf might be useful.  We use it always
> when running a remote gpg.

That looks interesting, I will look into that.



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