Fails signing key with Yubikey

Ingo Klöcker kloecker at
Thu Mar 21 13:24:24 CET 2024

On Donnerstag, 21. März 2024 08:22:48 CET Alexis via Gnupg-users wrote:
>      I'm trying to sign a secondary key with my yubikey, however it fails
> saying the private key is not found. I'm able to sign files with `--sign`,
> but am not able to use `--sign-key`.

Your Yubikey holds three keys:
* a signing key (corresponding to a sign-only subkey of your OpenPGP key)
> ssb:u:255:22:D0753D43F3C7A942:1700197520:1731733520:::::s:::D27600012401030
> 40006250173860000::ed25519::
* an encryption key
> ssb:u:255:18:90A11AD910FBE44E:1700197567:1731733567:::::e:::D276000124010304
> 0006250173860000::cv25519::
* an authentication key
> ssb:u:255:22:3A7E3018D78FC26A:1700197579:1731733579:::::a:::D276000124010304
> 0006250173860000::ed25519::

None of those keys are suitable for certifying other keys because for this you 
need a certification key. Only the primary key of your OpenPGP key can be used 
for certifying.
> sec:u:255:22:6141FD27892AE9B4:1700197485:::u:::cESCA:::#::ed25519:::0:

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