x488 vs all other : keyid flip

Christian Sommer code.soma.kurisu at gmail.com
Thu Mar 28 09:25:55 CET 2024

excuse me sirs. when i wrote that question i was already very tired.
so in the meantime i realized that there are different code paths for
ed/x448 goldilocks.
one of them distinguishes the Endiannes on behalf of the algorithm (e.g.
sets is_little_endian to true | false in g10/ecdh.c).
i haven't found the time to go much deeper yet, but this and the read_16 /
32 in g10/parse-packet.c as well as the convert_le_u16 / 32 functions in
scd/ccid-driver.c / tools/ccidmon.c seem to play a role.
i guess key-IDs are calculated on demand and not stored separately along
based on what i've seen until now i tend to accept that the short keyid 22
33333 4 of above example is in fact right.
on the next occasion my search will go on, but if anybody can confirm and
tell even more about that observation, i'd be very grateful.
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