x488 vs all other : keyid flip

Werner Koch wk at gnupg.org
Thu Mar 28 14:42:50 CET 2024

On Thu, 28 Mar 2024 13:54, Christian Sommer said:

> Likewise by telling GnuPG you really want the short keyID displayed
> (gpg --keyid-format short) it takes the LAST 32 bytes of the FIRST 64
> bytes of the fingerprint.

The thing here is that the short keyid is not from the specification but
a convenience thing PGP-2 implemented (which actually did not compute
the keyid from the fingerprint). 

Yes, it would indeed be nicer if we could work with the keyid in the
same way as git handles a commit id.  Unfortunately it will be pretty
hard to change how the short keyid is derived from the long keyid or
even use arbitrary sized keyids of fingerprints.  In GnuPG the keyid is
a "u32 kid[2]" and this is used a lot all over the code, for example:

  fprint ("long  keyid: %08lX%08lX\n", (ulong)kid[0], (ulong)kid[1]);
  fprint ("short keyid: %08lX\n",      (ulong)kid[1]);

> discovered GnuPG for myself. so i'm completley new to this community
> what's the preferred development model? i guess filing an issue,

See doc/HACKING for hints.  Please also be aware that for any unattended
use you need to use the --with-colons and --status-fd interfaces.  Some
ignore this advice and thus we are nice and try to minimize all changes
even to the human readable output format.



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