Re: [gnutls-dev] Re: Problem with subject names. (Ändrat av Pelle Johansson)

Pelle Johansson morth at
Wed Nov 24 12:47:17 CET 2004

2004-11-01 kl. 21.26 skrev Simon Josefsson:

> Single-stepping through the function to see what trigger the error
> would indeed be useful.

Sorry took me a while, spare time project... Also partly due to that 
configure wouldn't obey my CFLAGS completely, you should probably only 
add optimisation flags if the user didn't give a specific CFLAGS.

Anyway it was an easy fix. Not completely sure why it fixes all the 
problems I was having, but it does. Here's the patch:
--- lib/x509/dn.c.orig  Wed Nov 24 12:31:18 2004
+++ lib/x509/dn.c       Wed Nov 24 12:31:31 2004
@@ -466,6 +466,7 @@

                                 if (result != ASN1_SUCCESS) {
+                                       *sizeof_buf = len;
                                         result = 
                                         goto cleanup;

Pelle Johansson
<morth at>

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