[gnutls-dev] A tiny patch for libtasn1 (0.2.17)

Bernard Leak bernard at brenda-arkle.demon.co.uk
Wed Jan 18 00:09:17 CET 2006

Dear List,
                 the Makefiles for libtasn (more precisely, the Makefile 
for the
'src' directory) don't work if building in a separate source directory: the
libtasn1.h file from the 'lib' directory is added through -I ../lib
which won't work (as the .h file isn't generated) unless the build tree 
and the
source tree are the same.

I offer the following patch: this is for the distributed version, so it 
both Makefile.am and Makefile.in, though from the viewpoint of this list
the 'real' patch is to Makefile.am only.  As can be seen, it's really very
simple - just forcing a reference to $(srcdir).  You might prefer to use
$(top_srcdir)/lib instead, of course.

   As far as I have noticed, this is the only problematic place, but I
can't promise I've not missed something.  Anyway, it seems to
work for me, and is certainly an improvement.

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