releasing LGPL version of opencdk?

Simon Josefsson simon at
Thu Apr 17 13:25:18 CEST 2008

Simon Josefsson <simon at> writes:

>> For this reason I'd suggest to consider making it (the tiny part) a
>> part of gnutls. The generic API to use would be the exported gnutls
>> _openpgp_ API. What do you think of this?
> That is unfortunate because it would lead to having no LGPL openpgp
> library available for other applications...  except for the gnutls API,
> though, of course.  How useful is that for a non-tls application?
> However, this suggestion would save me cycles maintaining minicdk (time
> I really don't have), so I think we should do this.  By integrating the
> opencdk code more closely we can also remove some duplicate stuff (like
> base64), remove some then unnecessary stuff (e.g. cdk_check_version),
> and use more gnulib modules.

If we are going to release v2.4 soon, we should adopt this approach.  It
isn't the best thing to do -- that would be to release opencdk under
lgpl separately, fix the crypto abstraction so that gnutls can hook into
it (messy work!) and use that -- but it is the best we can unless
someone puts time into this.

If someone wants to maintain the lgpl-opencdk externally from gnutls in
the future, that would be welcome, and we should link to it.  So this
decision doesn't mean we'll always have opencdk integrated.

I'll remove some unnecessary code from our opencdk...


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