gnutls_set_priority() does not handle strings starting with "NONE".

Laurence Withers l at
Sun Feb 3 22:53:51 CET 2008


In the gnutls function reference, for the function gnutls_set_priority() 
it is stated:

     "NONE" nothing is enabled. This disables even protocols and
     compression methods.

and one of the examples:


However, if you actually try that example, or even the string "NONE" on 
its own, it doesn't work (it returns GNUTLS_E_INVALID_REQUEST and sets 
the error location to the start of the string).

Tracing this back into the code, the token "NONE" is handled specially 
before the for loop in gnutls_set_priority() that parses each token. 
However, the loop itself always parses all tokens and it doesn't know 
handle "NONE".

I attached a patch which causes the first token to be skipped by this 
loop if it was "NONE". The patch is against 2.2.1 but also applies 
against 2.3.0.

Bye for now,
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