Which license is libtasn1-config?

Simon Josefsson simon at josefsson.org
Wed Oct 8 15:26:38 CEST 2008

Jeff Cai <Jeff.Cai at Sun.COM> writes:

>> I changed the license from GPLv2+ to GPLv3+ on those parts that used
>> GPLv2+ before.
>> According to the vc logs, Nikos added libtasn1-config back in 2004.  You
>> could ask him for the license.  However, I suspect the files were
>> derived from somewhere else (GnuTLS?  Which in turn may have derived
>> them from libgcrypt?) so that may require chasing the authors further.
>> I believe the simplest solution is to remove these files.
> Currently gnome-keyring and GnuTLS still uses the command line, if we
> remove the script, the build will be broken.

Yes, I'll fix GnuTLS.  I can't see any calls to libtasn1-config in
gnome-keyring SVN though.

> Do you have plan to change it to use the .pc file.

I'll use AC_LIB_HAVE_LINKFLAGS instead, it is more reliable.


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