branch master?

Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos nmav at
Thu Apr 15 18:32:54 CEST 2010

Simon Josefsson wrote:
> Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos <nmav at> writes:
>> Simon Josefsson wrote:
>>> Another thing, running most of the self tests (including the easy to
>>> debug mini.c) results in a valgrind warning -- I suspect this was
>>> introduced with the new crypto code (the warning is in the MPI parts),
>>> could you take a look?
>> I don't see any warnings. Could you send me the warnings you see?
>> It could be some 64/32 bit issue.
> My system is 32bit.  Here is the error:

> ==19676== Conditional jump or move depends on uninitialised value(s)
> ==19676==    at 0x413E329: _gcry_mpi_print (mpicoder.c:584)
> ==19676==    by 0x40F1268: gcry_mpi_print (visibility.c:308)
> ==19676==    by 0x4066628: wrap_gcry_mpi_print (mpi-libgcrypt.c:77)
> ==19676==    by 0x4063249: _gnutls_dh_common_print_server_kx
> ==19676==    by 0x404C142: gen_anon_server_kx (auth_anon.c:104)
> ==19676==    by 0x4046D87: _gnutls_send_server_kx_message
> ==19676==    by 0x40436EF: _gnutls_handshake_server
> ==19676==    by 0x4043E19: gnutls_handshake (gnutls_handshake.c:2698)
> ==19676==    by 0x80491AB: doit (mini.c:204)
> ==19676==    by 0x80498AC: main (utils.c:149)

This one is on libgcrypt and seems unrelated with any changes
I've done. Are you sure this wasn't before?

> That one is also not portable, it uses bash...  Would probably be
> noticed when building on Solaris.  Maybe it can be rewritten using
> standard /bin/sh constructs.

Depends on what their purpose is. Maybe we split release time
tests and tests that should be done on the downloader to avoid
spending so much time on test portability (and perform the needed


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