Link error

Simon Josefsson simon at
Mon Feb 15 11:17:48 CET 2010

"Vasiliy Ivanov" <wasiliyivanov at> writes:

> Hi!
> Can you help me with linker error.
> error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol _gcry_control referenced in
> function
> I have linked my project with library libgnutls-26.lib. But no effect!
> It appears in this library is no such symbol. What can I do?

It is a libgcrypt symbol, so you need to link with libgcrypt as well.
Similarly, you may also need to link with libgpg-error.

> P.S. Does gnutls has project for MS Viual Studio?

Nope.  If anyone wants to contribute them, that would be useful.


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