GNU TLS 2.9.9 , sign/hash extension support

Manish Patidar mann.patidar at
Mon Mar 8 18:21:45 CET 2010

Hi ,

I was going through the GNU TLS 2.9.9 source code that support TLS 1.2.
I have following doubts in gnutls that support of TLS 1.2 rfc

1. While selecting server cert and chain,  GNUTLS just compare server
certificate with client requested sign/hash extension, not the whole chain.

    if it matched one of the server certificate , it will select the chain.
    but according to TLS 1.2 , whole chain must matched with one of the
sign/hash algo supported by client.

    Is my understanding is correct ..?

    If not , how and which part of code GNU TLS compare the sign/hash algo
with the whole chain.

2. While selecting client cert list in response of client cert request, GNU
TLS doesn't use parsed sign/hash algo supported server.
    it just use the cert type and dns name for selecting cert chain ,not
sign/hash algo
    but according to TLS 1.2 , client must compare and select cert chain
that matches with one of the sign/hash supported by server.

    Please let me know if am correct or not.

    Please provide some of your valuable inputs which clarify above point

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