[gnutls-devel] FTP not available?

Dagobert Michelsen dam at opencsw.org
Fri Oct 25 10:31:31 CEST 2013


Am 25.10.2013 um 09:34 schrieb Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos <nmav at gnutls.org>:
> On 10/24/2013 12:08 PM, Christoph Zettl wrote:
>> i can not access the ftp to download the newest Version of gnutls.
>> I only get the Message 220-Welcome hacker! from the FTP-Server.
>> I do need the newest stable Version (3.1.15) of the w32 build.
>> Can you plz fix that issue or send me the newest build to
>> ChristophZettl at googlemail.com
> Hello the ftp seems to work properly. Are you sure it is not a network
> issue on your part?

I think Christoph is referring to the absence of 3.1.15 in

@Christoph: Is there any reason why you just don't use the latest version
available? (3.2.4)

Best regards

  -- Dago

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