[gnutls-devel] gnutls 3.2.13

Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos nmav at gnutls.org
Mon Apr 7 21:58:33 CEST 2014

 I've just released gnutls 3.2.13. This is a bugfix release on the
current stable branch.

* Version 3.2.13 (released 2014-04-07)

** libgnutls: gnutls_openpgp_keyring_import will no longer fail silently
if there are no base64 data. Report and patch by Ramkumar Chinchani.

** libgnutls: gnutls_record_send is now safe to be called under DTLS when
in corked mode.

** libgnutls: Ciphersuites that use the SHA256 or SHA384 MACs are
only available in TLS 1.0 as SSL 3.0 doesn't specify parameters for
these algorithms.

** libgnutls: Changed the behaviour in wildcard acceptance in certificates.
Wildcards are only accepted when there are more than two domain components
after the wildcard. This drops support for the permissive RFC2818 wildcards
and adds more conservative support based on the suggestions in RFC6125. Suggested 
by Jeffrey Walton.

** certtool: When no password is provided to export a PKCS #8 keys, do
not encrypt by default. This reverts to the certtool behavior of gnutls
3.0. The previous behavior of encrypting using an empty password can be
replicating using the new parameter --empty-password.

** p11tool: Avoid dual initialization of the PKCS #11 subsystem when
the --provider option is given.

** API and ABI modifications:
No changes since last version.

Getting the Software

GnuTLS may be downloaded directly from
<ftp://ftp.gnutls.org/gcrypt/gnutls/>.  A list of GnuTLS mirrors can be
found at <http://www.gnutls.org/download.html>.

Here are the XZ and LZIP compressed sources:


Here are OpenPGP detached signatures signed using key 0x96865171:


Note that it has been signed with my openpgp key:
pub   3104R/96865171 2008-05-04 [expires: 2028-04-29]
uid                  Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos <nmav <at> gnutls.org>
uid                  Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos <n.mavrogiannopoulos <at>
sub   2048R/9013B842 2008-05-04 [expires: 2018-05-02]
sub   2048R/1404A91D 2008-05-04 [expires: 2018-05-02]


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