[gnutls-devel] [sr #108634] Getter functions for gnutls_certificate_credentials_t

Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos nmav at gnu.org
Mon Sep 8 11:23:07 CEST 2014

On Sun, Sep 7, 2014 at 10:04 PM, Armin Burgmeier
<INVALID.NOREPLY at gnu.org> wrote:
> Follow-up Comment #3, sr #108634 (project gnutls):
>>  I have misread you message. Which function has that limitation and would
> you suggest to address that issue?
> All the certificate verification functions I think. The limitation is in the
> internal function "verify_crt" in x509/verify.c. If, for example, the verify
> GNUTLS_CERT_SIGNER_NOT_FOUND, then the certificate is not checked for other
> problems, such as whether it is expired. Other errors, such as
> GNUTLS_CERT_SIGNATURE_FAILURE, do not stop the procedure and certificate
> checking continues.

Indeed, if the constraints fail it would not proceed to the
verification itself. I don't know if that's useful to proceed. If you
could make a description of your use-case it may help to figure out
whether some changes should be done.

>>  That as I understand would be possible by a function that enumerates all
> certificates in a trust list. Is that correct?
> In addition I would need to get the trust list from the
> gnutls_certificate_credentials_t structure, I think. It would also be nice to
> obtain the private key (gnutls_x509_privkey_t) and certificate(s)
> (gnutls_x509_crt_t) from that structure, not only the trust list.

That would be indeed useful. The certificate_credentials_t
functionality typically wraps over the functionality of trusted_list,
so that would be ok.

The data should be extracted from a trust list/credentials however in
a way that don't assume much about the internal structure of it, in
order to allow a revamp without affecting the API.
A way for example to export the trusted CAs from the trusted list
would be using an iterator similarly to
>From the certificate_credentials_t structure you could export the
private key as a gnutls_privkey_t (and assume that this will be the
format used internally by gnutls), but for the certificates, you only
have gnutls_pubkey_t and a datum with the DER data held internally. I
don't know if that would suffice.

> What I would like to do is to only keep the gnutls_certificate_credentials_t
> structure, and when I need to show the common name in the user interface, I
> would get the certificate from the gnutls_certificate_credentials_t, and then
> get the name from the certificate. Then I would only end up with the private
> key and certificate once in my program's memory.

That would be tricky as gnutls doesn't hold internally a
gnutls_x509_crt_t. You could of course add functionality to get the
DER encoding of the certificate from the credentials, decode it and
get an x509_crt_t, but that you can already do with
gnutls_certificate_get_ours(). I'm not sure I have a good suggestion
for that case.


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