[gnutls-devel] Building a MinGW port of GnuTLS 3.4.15

Eli Zaretskii eliz at gnu.org
Wed Oct 5 19:13:47 CEST 2016

> Date: Wed, 05 Oct 2016 10:29:48 +0300
> From: Eli Zaretskii <eliz at gnu.org>
> Cc: gnutls-devel at lists.gnutls.org
> > > 11.tests/utils.c lacks the 'sleep' function, which is needed for
> > >    MinGW, as the Windows runtime lacks it.
> > 
> > Could that be something that mingw64 added as macro or so?
> It looks like MinGW64 has it as a function in their add-on runtime
> library, so only mingw.org needs that.

Actually, I see now that the very latest release of the mingw.org's
runtime also has an inline definition of 'sleep', so maybe you should
disregard this issue entirely.


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