[gnutls-devel] GnuTLS | Clarify or improve our supported releases meaning (#588)

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Sun Dec 2 07:45:22 CET 2018

Maybe a proposal along with out current process but more precise:
 1. Only one LTS release ongoing supported for 3 years. 
 2. The definition of LTS is that releases will be made during that time on a bi-monthly basis (could be skipped if no changes),
 3. Features can enter that release according to the rules in `Introducing new features / modifying behavior` from !816.
 4. Security fixes could enter that release if above the severity level high.

Currently the only ongoing LTS release is 3.3.x and is expected (according to the milestone info for 3.3.x), to end in march 2019.

(3) is so that we don't need to branch master from the LTS unless really necessary. (4) is so that we can untie our hands on very complex fixes which are of moderate/medium or low levels. What do you think?

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