[gnutls-devel] GnuTLS | introduce a gitlab policy to automatically close bugs open for too long without resolution/action (#635)

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Mon Dec 3 09:25:57 CET 2018

I think my experience using the past trackers, and the old `TODO` file, as well as other teams, showed that wishlist items that do not get addressed in a year or two will never be (of course there are exceptions). Furthermore, the maintenance of such lists that span so many years is a bureaucracy by itself, and I doubt that this list of year-long requests will ever be traversed to decide new features (seeing how other projects with many bugs handle it, saying that's a certainty is more accurate).

We can increase the time to two years if you think so, but eventually we would need to be able to keep the issue tracker on a sustainable size to be able to work with it, and I think that closing inactive for 1-2 years bugs helps towards that goal. The reporter or anyone of the involved persons can of course re-open them if they think the issue is important, but something that was important 2-3 years ago, doesn't necessarily mean it is today as well.

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