[gnutls-devel] GnuTLS | consider using an alternative build system (#320)

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Thu Dec 6 09:53:01 CET 2018

After so many years and so many different build tools I always come back to autotools+gnulib. It's so highly tuneable and makes your software so portable. The cost is it's configuration slowness and you it's hard for beginners. It normally is easily debugable, since it breaks down to a simple (but large) shell script (./configure).

The GnuTLS devs have a pretty good knowledge of autotools+gnulib, AFAICS. People who just want to build+use GnuTLS should *always* build from the tarball. Doing so does *not* require autotools at all. The ./configure step just needs a POSIX compatible shell.

But anyways, I appreciate it to have a parallel build system like CMake or Meson. Which could help building on Mobile OSes (and/or Windows ?). I see at least two requirements here, a) a second build system *must not* interfere with the current one, and b) someone has to maintain it (regular work until the end of the GnuTLS days).

I assume a) is not that hard. But what about b) ?

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