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Thu Dec 13 17:19:07 CET 2018

> Since GnuTLS is C99 and MSVC still has issues with that, the clang compiler could be good choice as well.

Newer versions of MSVC are apparently getting usable, lots of useful C99 features are available:

Installing VS2015 has also become easier compared to older versions, you can install the standalone compiler and tools without installing the full Visual Studio IDE. Applications built against VS2015 can also be mixed with VS2017 as they have a compatible runtime library. (This was not the case for older versions, e.g. you had to recompile when moving from msvc2013 -> 2015. Definitely not for C++, not sure about C.). For the tools vs IDE info, see also https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/vcblog/2015/11/02/announcing-visual-c-build-tools-2015-standalone-c-tools-for-build-environments/

Using Clang instead of MSVC might be an option if MSVC (unexpectedly?) fails to build. The main pain will probably be in the shellscript-based test framework though. In case it helps, we rewrote our shell-based test suite to Python (unittest/pytest) which finally allowed us to ditch Cygwin. (Python, git, Strawberry Perl, CMake are natively available on Windows.)

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