[gnutls-devel] GnuTLS | WIP: RFC7250 Raw public keys (!650)

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Tue Nov 6 22:04:15 CET 2018

@nmav could you give this one another review?

I've addressed all the issues that you've commented on. Moreover I've added trustdb support for raw public keys. I also extended the test cases.

Currently this MR contains all separate commits. If you approve this MR then I will squash them into 1 commit but for the sake of comparability (and easy development) I've pushed my dev branch to this MR. Please forgive me if there are some (useless) whitespace changes in this MR. I sometimes forgot to turn off line ending trimming in my editor.

At this moment only 1 test is failing (testcompat-openssl.sh) in the abi/coverage.debian image. Could you please take a look at the test log and give me a hint what could be wrong? I'm not a hero in shell scripting and I can't make much sense of the logs because I don't know what the correct output should look like. Thanks in advance.

Finally, it would be cool if we can have this one accepted before the release of 3.6.5. Do you think we can make that?

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