[gnutls-devel] GnuTLS | Add CI tarball build (!809)

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Wed Nov 21 12:54:13 CET 2018

Just a suggestion:
- test scripts use `/bin/sh` in the shebang
- we add a function in `tests/scripts/common.sh` that exits with 77 (SKIP) if not running on bash. Let's name is `skip_if_not_bash()`.
- add a call to skip_if_not_bash() for scripts that require bash

That means devs can focus on writing test scripts for bash. If they break the Alpine runner, the dev just adds a call to skip_if_not_bash() *or* fixes the bashism. Whatever suits best.

If later someone comes up with fixes for bashisms, especially when those are trivial, they should be accepted since they improve the situation.

This MR has more than fixing bashisms. There is also a signal/abort (SIGABRT) issue being fixed. And several usages of diff options (-I) have been replaced by grep. This is also pretty trivial.

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