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Thu Nov 22 09:42:28 CET 2018

> > Wouldn't that mean that these tests will run only if /bin/sh is bash? In the freebsd runners bash is /usr/local/bin/bash and these tests are currently running there. With the new approach they will not.
It was just an idea. We could also (or instead) try to find bash (if not already running in bash) with `which bash` and restart the script with bash if found.

> > Why cannot we install bash on alpine?
> Of course we can. But do you want to tell each user (s)he should first install bash and link /bin/sh to it ?

But that's not the situation today. To run the test suite bash is required and it doesn't need to be in `/bin/sh` (that's why env is used). To run gnutls tools or use the library itself no bash is required. We may have different users in mind, but I see a normal user as someone who downloads gnutls from its distribution, and the test suite being more relevant to people porting gnutls to various platforms, or building for a distribution.  When building gnutls we already require several devel packages make/gcc/libtasn1-devel/p11-kit-devel/libidn2-devel/cmocka-devel and when building from git even more like autogen/gperf, so I do not see requiring bash for running the test suite a big obstacle for running the test suite.

> IMO, the less the dependencies the easier someone can build + test + use GnuTLS on slim systems like Alpine. Alpine becomes more and more popular for docker images. This is true for other tiny (container-optimzed) distros.

Certainly, and thank you for bringing that support. We want to run gnutls there and test it there. What I'm questioning is whether we should strive to make gnutls testable with only the default shell of alpine. Even if we make bash scripts optional and disabled on that platform (e.g., in Makefile.am), that would mean this platform a second-class citizen because not all tests will be run.

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