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Fri Nov 23 21:30:36 CET 2018

Tim Rühsen commented on a discussion on .gitlab-ci.yml:

>  Debian.cross.aarch64-linux-gnu:
>    <<: *Debian_cross_template
> +
> +# Test building from tarball in a non-dev environment
> +Tarball:
> +  stage: stage2-tarball

Or we think about / discuss a more radical change:
- Use stage 1 with just one runner (Debian or Fedora) to build a tarball
- Use stage 2 for tarball builds on different architectures / configurations

We could improve CI speed by dividing the test suite into different smaller pieces (e.g. by using configure options) and run those test in parallel on stage 1. That of course changes the above plan a bit.
That gives us a relatively fast stage1 with all the tests incl. the fuzzer ones. The runners in stage2 would just test basic functionality (e.g. not fuzzing) to also achieve a relatively fast finishing.

If you like to discuss this a bit further, maybe an own issue would be appropriate.

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