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Wed Oct 17 08:34:48 CEST 2018

Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos started a new discussion on doc/cha-gtls-app.texi:

>  return early, allowing the server to send data earlier.
> +Under TLS 1.3, when the server and client share a @acronym{PSK}, the
> +client side can start transmitting application data during handshake.
> +This is called zero round-trip time (0-RTT) mode, and the application
> +data sent in this mode is called early data.
> +
> +Note, however, that early data has weaker security properties than
> +normal application data sent after handshake, such as lack of forward
> +secrecy, no guarantees of non-replay between connections.  Thus it is
> +disabled on the server side by default.  To enable it, set
> + at acronym{GNUTLS_ENABLE_EARLY_DATA} on @funcref{gnutls_init}.  Then the
> +client can send early data with @funcref{gnutls_record_send_early_data}
> +and the server can receive it with
> + at funcref{gnutls_record_recv_early_data}.
> +

Two questions that arise after reading it, is what happens if the server does not read that data? and when should a server call the `gnutls_record_recv_early_data`?

That is, is the server expected to call this function during the handshake or after it, or it can be both?

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