[gnutls-devel] GnuTLS | Solaris build requires -D_XOPEN_SOURCE=600 -std=gnu99 (#782)

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Thu Dec 12 11:11:57 CET 2019

Tim Rühsen commented:

@noloader What does the latest GnuTLS code say here ?

If this is still an issue, let's first investigate where exactly alloca() is used:

Within lib/nettle, the two defines of TMP_ALLOC that use alloca() only use it if HAVE_ALLOCA is defined Please check if `config.h` contains `#define HAVE_ALLOCA 1`. If that is the case, we have to find out why the linker doesn't find alloca(). Possibly a library missing in a Makefile.am !?.

If HAVE_ALLOCA is not defined in `config.h`, this is a gnulib issue and we should ask on the gnulib ML fro help.

@nmav, @lumag Can we get rid of the alloca() code in `cfb8.[hc]`, `nettle-internal.h` and `gostdsa-sign.c` ? Those wrappings into TMP_ALLOC and TMP_DECL make technically not much sense in this code (except for obfuscation and saving a few bytes on the stack). There is no stack-reallocation needed since the array sizes are fixed-size or have a pretty low upper limit.

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