[gnutls-devel] GnuTLS | It is not possible for server to check whether client requested OCSP stapling (#829)

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Sun Dec 15 20:31:32 CET 2019

jgh commented:

Fair comment.  Most commonly it'll be just the leaf, but... if we allow for an indefinite number and
combination, that means a bitfield - which no longer fits with the gnutls_session_get_flags() interface.

So that would be a new api call, which I'd fully understand if you don't really want to do.
If you do - one bit position per chain position; bit0 for the leaf, bit set for ocsp-status-of-this-cert-sent.

Perhaps punt on the chain-status support (we can't parse a 1.3 servercert at this time; gnutls_ext_raw_parse() crashes) and just return a single bit via gnutls_session_get_flags() if _any_
status was transmitted?

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