[gnutls-devel] GnuTLS | ax_code_coverage.m4 is not license compatible and must not be used / ax_code_coverage.m4 conflicts with ISC license (#691)

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Mon Feb 4 11:00:46 CET 2019

So (apart from licensing) it is an msys2 issue. That's why our CI doesn't have an issue (yet). Windows is currently tested via MinGW32+64 Linux cross-compilation. If any Linux distro runs into an issue with `ax_code_coverage.m4` they update it. No need to ping them.

But anyways, I just tested the 2019.01.06 version without issues here. So there is nothing blocking an update for GnuTLS.

But as you might recognize, this is a (small) community project that lives from contributions. One of the most helpful ones are issues with an detailed and understandable description that makes the issue reproducible for us. And "helpful" also means helpful to you and others who run into the same problem (maybe just a bit later). Closing an issue just because someone is clueless in the first place isn't a helpful action. Ranting somewhere else (https://github.com/jb-alvarado/media-autobuild_suite/issues/1058#issuecomment-460071196) isn't also very helpful, it just shows a certain degree of social incompetence (but maybe you feel better when doing so).

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