[gnutls-devel] GnuTLS | Re-introduce topendir on Windows with Unicode support (!931)

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Tue Feb 19 12:29:08 CET 2019

> After git fsck the output of git rev-list matches what it should.

That is interesting to know. I never used `git fsck`.

> Could it be that my fork as the default git strategy (ie git fetch), which could have caused some old ancestors to show up when running git rev-list ?

It looks like that, but I can just guess.

My git strategy is that my Gitlab.com clone is 'origin' and I have the upstream repo as remote (called 'upstream'). I never work on master, and create each working branch based on master (e.g. `git checkout master; git checkout -b new-branch`). To be up-to-date I regularly `git checkout master; git pull --all --prune; git merge --ff-only upstream/master; git push`. After that it's straight forward to rebase a branch / MR with `git checkout mr-branch; git rebase master; git push --force-with-lease`.

So far, I never had an issue with that through all my project clones.

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