[gnutls-devel] GnuTLS | Use ChangeLog date instead of build date (!928)

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Tue Feb 26 19:22:51 CET 2019

>> It is also worth nothing that a "Copyright 2019" will remain correct even in future years.
> IMO that is true as long as the effected source isn't changed. And the only place we use @year@ as substitution variable is `src/args-std.def.in`. Whenever someone runs `./configure` or `./config.status`, this file is processed and the copyright year in `src/args-std.def` becomes updated. This also seems wrong to me. We should only update the year if the source code changes - a not 100% but much better approach would be to *only* take the year of the last git commit. We could generate that within bootstrap.conf which is not part of a tarball build. @nmav WDYT ?

It makes sense to me.

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