[gnutls-devel] GnuTLS | tests/slow/cipher-api-test.c: Make test more portable (!852)

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Wed Jan 2 11:46:55 CET 2019

> This test checks whether the abort signal is received from invalid use of gnutls calls.

*AND* it also tests that the functions return error. In case assert() has *not* been called, the test still PASSes as long as an error is returned. Thus your above statement is technically wrong (or not 100% correct).

My changes let assert() abort the program, and abortion is taken as success. I kept the code which checks the functions return value, just in case. If any of those cipher functions returns OK, the tests FAILs.

So the functionality of the test has not changed - it just doesn't rely on SIGABRT signal handlers. I could add a check `WIFSIGNALED(status) && WTERMSIG(status) == SIGABRT` to make 100% sure that not anything else caused program abortion, if that is what you are missing.

But if you like it better, I have no problem with going the `disable-non-portable` way.

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