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Fri Jan 4 11:50:44 CET 2019

New Issue was created.

Issue 668: https://gitlab.com/gnutls/gnutls/issues/668
Author:    Tim Rühsen

Just an idea, if you agree I'll create an MR.

We can easily check that Author's email matches with the email in Signed-off-by in every runner - it just takes 0.1s. It makes us independent of server side git hooks, which may work or not (out of our control, see !858).

If it doesn't match, the complete pipeline would stop/error immediately and we wouldn't have to wait hours for a notification email.

I suggest this little script:
#/usr/bin/env sh

# create list of commits of the current branch
commits=$(git rev-list --no-merges master..)

# check if author's email matches email in 'Signed-off-by'
for hash in $commits; do
  author=$(git log --format='%ae' ${hash}^\!)
  signed=$(git log --format='%b' ${hash}^\! | grep -i "Signed-off-by:")
  if test $? -ne 0; then
    echo "Missing Signed-off-by"
    exit 1
  if ! echo $signed | grep -q "Signed-off-by:.*<${author}>"; then
    echo "Author '${author}' doesn't match"
    exit 1

If you agree, please let me know where to put it.

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