[gnutls-devel] GnuTLS | build: install all m4 macros (!865)

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Tue Jan 8 20:58:54 CET 2019

As far as I understand m4/*.m4 are already distributed, and macros from /usr/share/aclocal/*.m4 that are being used are copied into aclocal.m4. Hence, the distribution tarball includes all m4 macros required for build.

The configure script is generated using these macros.

Performing autoreconf while all macros exist in m4/*.m4 is adding predictability, as running aclocal or autoreconf find these macros and not look for them in system.

The problem I have is that the guile.m4 of your build system, supports only 1.8 and 2.0, while we need support of 2.2, this can be done by using the guile.m4 of the guile-2.2. Because the m4/ directory is missing some of the macros, running aclocal/autoreconf tries to regenerate aclocal.m4, this means that all dependencies that provide m4 macros must be installed even if they are not used.

Having all macros in m4 directory will somewhat make it easier for downstream to patch the package.

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