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Issue 673: https://gitlab.com/gnutls/gnutls/issues/673
Author:    Ludio

first of all i want to thank all people involved in gnutls library
providing this critical piece of software. well done!

my question is regarding the possibility to use gnutls over custom
transport network. i went over all examples and i could not find a way
to use gnutls in this way. custom transport means that i have a small
library which provides a layer of abstraction of the i/o system.
therefore i have the possibility to use linux sockets or some other
specific hardware. i saw gnutls provides api for setting push/pull
functions which does the sending/receiving part but unfortunately
for me they expect similar blocking behavior as send/recv from linux.
gnutls_transport_set_pull_function/gnutls_transport_set_push_function is
the api i am referring to. i try to provide as scheme of the issue.

1. what gnutls has

|gnutls| <-> |linux sockets|

2. what gnutls has with cbs

|gnutls| <-> |callbacks with blocking behavior| <-> |linux sockets|

3. what i have

| appl | <-INTER-> | ct lib nb | <-> |linux sockets or other|

4. what i try to have
| appl | <-> |gnutls with cbs| <-INTER-> |ct lib nb| <-> |linux sockets or other|

the problem is that callbacks with blocking behavior complicate
unnecessarily my work because 'appl' interacts with 'ct lib nb'
on the interface 'INTER' in an asynchronous manner. is there a way to use
gnutls to drive tls in the described setup?

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