[gnutls-devel] GnuTLS | Fix 'make glimport' and update CONTRIBUTING.md (!900)

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Tue Jan 29 14:50:37 CET 2019

> Do we need the glimport rule at all now with bootstrap?

IMO we don't need `glimport` at all, we can also document the little set of commands executed by `make glimport`. But then I didn't want to be too intrusive. Maybe someone is used to use glimport - why breake it without need ?

> and the result is committed to the repo

Not really, what we commit to the gnutls repo is just the gnulib (submodule) commit ID.

To really pull in the gnulib upstream files you need `git submodule init/update` commands. These are automatically called by `./bootstrap`. The next step is to call gnulib-tool: it fills the directories `gl/`, `src/gl/` and `lib/unistring`. The details are also handled by `./bootstrap`.

It doesn't matter if you have a local gnulib repository or not and if that is up-to-date or not. `./bootstrap` just does "the right thing". It tries to find the gnulib submodule commit ID in your local gnulib repo plus all the files. If that doesn't work out, it pulls them in from upstream into gnutls/gnulib.

IMO, we shouldn't document all these details. Just saying `./bootstrap` cares about the gory details should be enough.

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