[gnutls-devel] GnuTLS | WIP: Record layer separation for QUIC TLS API (!1086)

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Sat Oct 19 15:26:47 CEST 2019

Aniketh Girish pushed new commits to merge request !1086


* de3fd8ab...c6b6f313 - 18 commits from branch `master`

* 0ac1b00a - Initial function for setting secret exchange.
* feeb8ca2 - Hook _gnutls_call_secret_hook_func into the codebase
* 5488e231 - Removed hard-coded EPOCH handling
* 82ec42a9 - Fixup! ret value mixup and remove unwanted quic enum defined
* 56f57b33 - Appropriate read/write mechanism of quic secrets
* 3686ca33 - NULL check: Make sure gnutls_secret_hook_func callback never returns NULL
* a73d3fb1 - Added tests for Record layer seperation API for QUIC
* 8e86f9e3 - Updated secret_hook_func in tests/quic.c
* e3b62adb - Rebase fixup
* 9cbd84cb - Minor Fixup
* 9d473baa - Hook the secret function during the TLS1.3 key update as well

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