[gnutls-devel] GnuTLS | UB+ASAN: Fail tests if UB detected (!1136)

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Thu Jan 2 17:18:03 CET 2020

Tim Rühsen pushed new commits to merge request !1136


* fba9533e...3cfa1699 - 6 commits from branch `master`

* 8941cacd - UBSAN: Fail tests if UB detected
* a9a3a97d - Fix implicit value change in verify-high.c
* b908dfb0 - handshake.c: Suppress warning in fuzzing build
* 3353a7ee - rnd-fuzzer.c: Suppress shift sanitization check
* 277c59a6 - status_request.c: Silence -Wsign-compare
* 22f8dbe0 - certtool-cfg.c: Silence -Wunused-variable if HAVE_IPV6 not set
* 4c33bfa8 - Fix 2x -Wunused-function in tests/
* dc95c245 - Fix "left shift cannot be represented in type 'int'" in hello_ext.[ch]
* 6b3e054f - Use check_for_datefudge in tests
* 7c341581 - Fix NULL ptr access in _gnutls_iov_iter_next()
* 7608af02 - Fix '-Werror=unused-const-variable=' in fuzz/

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