[gnutls-devel] GnuTLS | New CI runner with clang combined ubsan+asan (!1151)

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Thu Jan 23 18:51:00 CET 2020

Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos commented on a discussion on lib/hello_ext.c: https://gitlab.com/gnutls/gnutls/merge_requests/1151#note_276111418

>  	int ret;
>  	hello_ext_ctx_st ctx;
> +	msg &= (gnutls_ext_flags_t) GNUTLS_EXT_FLAG_SET_ONLY_FLAGS_MASK;

`gnutls_ext_flags_t` is to help identifying individual values. As we go to masks it doesn't make much sense, because there is is no guarrantee they value will contain only the enumerated values (it can be an OR of them), and thus it can be confusing as one could expect an actual enumerated value, however on the debugger you'll see something unrelated. As such, in my opinion, it makes more sense to make it unsigned to remove ambiguities.

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