[gnutls-devel] GnuTLS | no such instruction: `xgetbv' when compiling for macOS (#914)

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Fri Jan 24 10:16:57 CET 2020

Pierre Ossman (Work account) commented:

Crap. More issues after that:

macosx/ghash-x86_64.s:1332:no such instruction: `vzeroupper'
macosx/ghash-x86_64.s:1334:no such instruction: `vmovdqu (%rsi),%xmm2'
macosx/ghash-x86_64.s:1335:no such instruction: `vpshufd $78,%xmm2,%xmm2'
macosx/ghash-x86_64.s:1338:no such instruction: `vpshufd $255,%xmm2,%xmm4'
macosx/ghash-x86_64.s:1339:no such instruction: `vpsrlq $63,%xmm2,%xmm3'
macosx/ghash-x86_64.s:1340:no such instruction: `vpsllq $1,%xmm2,%xmm2'
macosx/ghash-x86_64.s:1341:no such instruction: `vpxor %xmm5,%xmm5,%xmm5'
macosx/ghash-x86_64.s:1342:no such instruction: `vpcmpgtd %xmm4,%xmm5,%xmm5'
macosx/ghash-x86_64.s:1343:no such instruction: `vpslldq $8,%xmm3,%xmm3'
macosx/ghash-x86_64.s:1344:no such instruction: `vpor %xmm3,%xmm2,%xmm2'
macosx/ghash-x86_64.s:1347:no such instruction: `vpand L$0x1c2_polynomial(%rip),%xmm5,%xmm5'
macosx/ghash-x86_64.s:1348:no such instruction: `vpxor %xmm5,%xmm2,%xmm2'

This is with open darwin's port of cctools 782. I guess that's a bit too old for what GnuTLS wants.

Can better checks be added?

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