[gnutls-devel] GnuTLS | WIP: Support for GOST-CTR ciphersuites from draft-smyshlyaec-tls12-gost-suites (!1144)

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Tue Jan 28 08:41:41 CET 2020

Dmitry Baryshkov pushed new commits to merge request !1144


* 1833446f - nettle/gost: add CMAC-64/Magma/Kuznyechik code
* cea03d8d - nettle/gost: add ACPKM rekeying code
* 972ecc3a - lib: add Magma/Kuznyechik ciphers support
* 2ab3ee50 - lib: add Magma/Kuznyechik OMAC support
* aa0e193a - selftests: add test vectors for MAGMA/KUZNYECHIK-OMAC
* f61d9973 - cipher/mac: enhance handlers with setkey callback
* 1d77567b - crypto-api: add _gnutls_cipher_set_key wrapper()
* 0c9c3fb4 - crypto-selftest: add test vectors for MAGMA/KUZNYECHIK-CTR-ACPKM
* 96ef0b08 - lib: support nonce generation by addition to sequence number
* 6d745d3b - nettle/int: add GOST KEXP15 key export/import support
* 4b565ff5 - nettle/int: add GOST KDF support
* 7d668121 - lib: gost KEG key export generation support
* 2cb66df5 - auth: add VKO_KDF_GOST support
* c8cd2224 - nettle/int: add TLSTREE implementation
* cd45a916 - lib: support TLSTREE rekeying
* 818b7eff - handshake: use proper data length for Finished messages
* 34943d5d - ciphersuites: add new GOST CTR_ACPKM_OMAC ciphersuites
* 947fae4a - priority: extend GOST keywords to contain MAGMA/KUZNYECHIK
* 0100d214 - cli: benchmark MAGMA/KUZNYECHIK

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