[gnutls-devel] GnuTLS | cve-2019-3829 testcase does not trigger error (#1021)

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Sun Jun 7 18:02:29 CEST 2020

Andreas Metzler commented:

I am not sure on what is the preferred way to fix this. invalid-sigs bundles multiple test, none of which yet use datefudge. So I cannot simply do
--- a/tests/cert-tests/invalid-sig
+++ b/tests/cert-tests/invalid-sig
-${VALGRIND} "${CERTTOOL}" --verify-chain --infile "${srcdir}/data/cve-2019-3829.pem"
+datefudge -s 2020-01-01 \
+       ${VALGRIND} "${CERTTOOL}" --verify-chain --infile "${srcdir}/data/cve-2019-3829.pem"
because then the test could show up as skipped, although most of the tests actually ran. Should I move it to a separate unit?

I also think that the script is buggy, it does not FAIL for many errors:
#check whether a different PKCS #1 signature than the advertized in certificate is tolerated
${VALGRIND} "${CERTTOOL}" -e --infile "${srcdir}/data/invalid-sig.pem"

# We're done.
if test "${rc}" = "0"; then
	echo "Verification of invalid signature (1) failed"
	exit ${rc}
If certtool succeeds (although it should not) the test exits with exitcode 0, i.e. PASS.

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