[gnutls-devel] GnuTLS | tests/cert-tests/pem-decoding fails after build with --disable-gost (#1038)

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Tue Jun 16 22:25:35 CEST 2020

Airtower created an issue: https://gitlab.com/gnutls/gnutls/-/issues/1038

Running `make check` fails with an error in `tests/cert-tests/pem-decoding`. The log file `tests/cert-tests/pem-decoding.log` looks like this:
< error importing public key: The curve is unsupported
> 	Algorithm Security Level: High (256 bits)
> 		Curve:	CryptoPro-A
> 		Digest:	GOSTR341194
> 		ParamSet: CryptoPro-A
> 		X:
> 			e0:35:f2:a8:40:cf:ea:25:63:b5:c1:eb:fa:fd:1d:7f
> 			45:d6:2a:31:96:56:35:75:25:19:f6:62:69:db:da:eb
> 		Y:
> 			57:41:b2:c1:e2:1f:7b:d0:13:c8:dd:eb:9f:ba:cb:42
> 			a3:63:c7:0b:f4:e9:24:d7:dd:e9:34:8d:12:18:67:d8
> 	Public Key ID:
> 		sha1:43757042dae9e9f5fa92cc2d2cbf4950f28a7bd0
> 		sha256:cee4a59e7803bafb101af8e39e5355d7895e3b85e7616fe624d48f2c51e8bdbf
> 	Public Key PIN:
> 		pin-sha256:zuSlnngDuvsQGvjjnlNV14leO4XnYW/mJNSPLFHovb8=
GOST cert decoding failed 2
FAIL pem-decoding (exit status: 1)

## Version of gnutls used:
Build from master at 1c8720d012d47439e96672ea44f34e50ae8c6725. The build I based !1289 on was fine, so the bug must have been introduced after 1270e81b944e1672f89d8a8b1db986535cf5b072.

## How reproducible:

 * Run `./configure` with `--disable-gost`.
 * Run `make check`

## Actual results:

`tests/cert-tests/pem-decoding` fails, the test suite stops after running tests in the `cert-tests` directory.

## Expected results:

Passing test.

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