[gnutls-devel] GnuTLS | certtool --sec-param high generates a smaller key than expected (#1320)

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Fri Feb 11 07:21:40 CET 2022

Daniel Lublin commented:

Thanks all for your input. To both suggest the use of sec-param, and at the same time advice against passing too few bits, we could do like this:

If bits **<** "medium" (currently 2048), then say:

`"'--bits N' are on the low side, you are suggested to use (at least) '--sec-param medium' instead`

(Could also suggest sec-param medium if exactly medium number of bits passed.)

If bits **<=** "high" (3072), then say:

`"You are suggested to use '--sec-param high' instead of '--bits N'"`

If bits are larger, we don't suggest anything, assuming that user prefers bits and knows what they are doing.

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